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        sustainability Respect for animals

        As a vegetarian brand, we believe in treating animals and their habitats with respect. We promote a cruelty-free ethos and continue to innovate ways of creating sustainable materials.


        Demonstrating a modern approach to fashion and cruelty-free stance, we use no fur in our collections, demonstrating what the future of fashion can look like.

        Discover?more about Fur-Free-Fur >


        With the help of pioneering biotechnology we are now exploring completely new ways of creating silk.

        Discover more about silk >

        Vegetarian leather

        As a vegetarian brand, we never use leather, skin, fur or feathers, using alternative materials instead.

        Discover more about vegetarian leather >


        Our wool is sourced from hand-selected, high quality animal welfare farms and with the ethos that no harm comes to the animals for the sake of our products.

        Discover?more about wool >

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